What Is SEO? Full Explanitation.

Hello everyone today myself Varun Sharma going to tell you about seo briefly and in easy way. So here we let’s get started.
What Is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Seo is used to increase rank of any website in seach engine, but you will get surprised to know that to make a website and to show your website to visitors are both different things. To make a website use of programming languges , use of WordPress or Use of Blogger are important.
For eg:- I have created my website Blogeen.com for making this website I have used blogger.com

But to bring this website to you I have used SEO TECHNIQUES.
<learn about seo>
SEO is a process, by using this process we can increse Organic Rankings in search engines.
In easy words:- Seo is the process by uing this we can bring our website at #1 in search engine.It is important to have traffic on your website.According to searchengineland.com, it is the process of getting traffic from “free”,”organic” or “natural ” search reasults on search engine. SEO is very vast thing and intresting too. I am from 2015 from this field but you are a beginner then I advise to understand the basics of SEO.
#1. Basics Of SEO:- There are some terms about SEO that you will read.
Ø What is Search Engine and how it works?
Google , yahoo, bing ,etc are some famous search engine. You can guess the popularty of search engine if you want information about any thing you will go and find it on GOOGLE and suerly you will get the answer.
Search enginehas it’s own rules or algorithms. On the basis of algorithms a website get rank on search engine.
Ø What Is SERP?
Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
When you type in google than a page opens we say that page (SERP).
Ø What are Organic and Inorganic results?
When SERP you can see their 2 types of listings organic and inorgaing listings. For inorganic listings you have to pay money to google to rank your website #1 on google, and on other hand for Organic listings you don’t have to pay to google it is completely free.But for that you have to do seo and work hard. With the help of SEO we can rank our website on top at google.
Ø Keyword Reacerch
<Learn About Keyword Reacerch>
Keyword reacerch is the backbone of the seo. It is too important to know about Keyword reacerch to suceed in field of seo. First of all we try to find any word,statement,phase that relates to our business.
There are four steps of keyword reacherch-:
1.     To generate good ideas for your website.
2.     Find the search volume means how many people search this word per day or per month.
3.     Then to find the compitition on that keyword.
4.     Then select the right keyword.
Ø On page seo
<About on page seo>
It is too simple to know about On page seo. In On page seo we have to manage our page, page content and styling the page in attractive style. To make the page load faster.It is all on page seo.
Ø Off page seo
<About off page seo>
In off page seo you have to promote your website , you have to make backlinks for your website , you have to do guest bloging and you have to
target keword, share your posts to social media sites. It is all part of your off page seo.
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