How To Setup Google Analytics For A Blog

 Hello everyone welcome to . Friends today we are going to tell you an really important topic & that is “How To Setup Google Analytics For A Blog.” So lets start Hello everyone my name is Varun Sharma and today I will tell you How To Setup Google Analytics. Friends it is very important to Setup Google Analytics For A Blog. Because it tracks your website and provides you all traffic data of your website. It provides you real time report of your website or blog, it will also tells you that from which country your traffic is coming , from which device eg:- Mobile,Desktop,or tablet, from which source eg: Organic, Referral or direct. It also provides you monthly report of your blog or website.

There are a lot of things to consider for analyzing SEO efforts.

What is my website’s Bounce Rate?
Are you coming from the visitors on the website? (From Organically, Directly or Referall Websites)
What page do people first read?
Which pages do people go after after reading?
And there are many questions such as ………… whose answer we find in Google analytics.

Google analytics is a very precious and important tool for website owners and people who use it rightly can take great advantage.

  What is Google Analytics ???

Wikipedia defines google analytics  something like 

  Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website’s or blog’s traffic. As we know there are so many premium services are also available at online market. 

With the help of Analytics, the website’s owner can get information of all the visitors coming to his/ her website.

Information is power.

Today’s up to date Information can bring you ahead of your competitors.

With this Google Analytics tool, we get so much information, which we use to increase our SEO and search engine ranking.

That’s why it is important to install analytics on their website.

It’s Easy to install !!!

Yes yes.

We can easily add our website to Analytics.

For proper installation of Google Analytics, you have to follow 3 steps –

 Creating a Google Analytics Account

Taking the Tracking Code.

 Adding Analytics tracking code to your website.

Let’s start!

Steps To Setup Google Analytics

First of all, you must have an email ID – Google’s

1. Visit Google Analytics webpage>

Click Sign in.

Google analytics 1
2. Select the option of Analytics.

Google analytics 2

3. Use the Gmail ID to sign up.

Google analytics 4

4. Fill the information sought for.

Account Name

Website name

Website URL

Industry category

reporting time zone – India then select India.

And then click on the Get Tracking button below.

Google analytics 6

Google analytics 7

5. Clicking on the Tracking ID will bring a pop-up.

Select your country in it and click on I agree.

Google analytics 8

6. Now you will get analytics code, which you copy.

Google analytics 5

7. Paste this code in your website before </ head> (closing head tag).

And by following these steps you can Setup Google Analytics For Your Blog.

If the website is made on WordPress, you can add Analytics Code to the website like this -:

1. Add this plugin to your WordPress website. plugin> Head and Footer Scripts Inserter by Arthur Gareginyan.

Google analytics 9

2. Go to settings of this plugin and paste the code in the 2nd column.

Google analytics 10

Google analytics 11
3. Click the Save changes button.

And in this way you can add google analytics to your WordPress website.

Conclusion:- Hey friends I hope that you will like our article “How To Setup Google Analytics“. Friends don’t forgot to share your experience while Setup Google Analytics, if you are facing any kind of problem you can comment us, we will surely find out your solution.

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