How To Play Dream 11 (Step By Step).

How To Play Dream 11:- Friends we all know about Drearm 11 , friends it is a very good fantasy app. If you have good knowledge of sports so you can earn in lacks with Dream 11.
Dream 11 is a mobile app that offers a platform to play different types of online games in India. In this, users can enjoy games such as cricket, hockey, football, kabbadi and basketball. But for this it must be registered on Dream11. To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, today we will tell you that How To Register On Dream 11. 
(How To Play Dream 11).

How To Play Dream 11 

What Is Dream 11 ? 

Dream11 is an App and Website that transforms Knowledge with money into the game of money. This game was established by Harsh Jain and Bhavish Sheth in 2008, but from April 2019, Dream 11 has become India’s first gaming company to join the Unicorn Club.

In Dream11 App or Website, you have to sign up and play online and if you win, you will get the money that you can transfer to your bank account. Like if you want to play cricket on the Dream11 and for example, India and Australia are in the process of running, then you have to select your best 11 players from both the teams and any of them have to make the captain and join the league , In which you will have to pay Rs 20 or 30 rupees.

How To Register At Dream 11 ?

You must have an internet connection and a smart phone to register in Dream11, but you can also register Dream11 Me from the computer. In order to register in it first you have to download the App of Dream11, for your information tell that the Dream11’s App is not available on the Play Store. Dream 11 is available for both iOS and Android platforms, you can download Dream11 App from its website.

Step 1: Have A Promo Code

After downloading Dream 11, you will have to register in it, then first open Dream11 App and have OK on that A Promo Code.

  If you enter this referral code ANSAR5763KL, then you will receive a free ₹ 100 free from!

How To Play Dream11

Step 2: Enter Mobile Number & Email Address

After doing OK, you have to enter your mobile number, email and password, and in the invitation code, you have to enter ANSAR5763KL so that you will get a sum of 100 rupees for joining the league.

How To Play Dream11

Step 3: Join League

Now the number you enter will be an OTP on the number which will be automatically verified. Keep in mind that you will have to join the league for the amount of money, in order to join any league, you have to create different Dream 11 teams.

How To Play Dream11
The best thing about Dream11 is that you can create your own 6 teams in a league. Next we have told you some steps through which you can join any league by creating your team, you can also join more than one league.

How To Play Dream11 ?

Login to your Dream11 Account to play Dream 11, now you will be seen today (Dream 11 Today Match) and all the matches that happen in tomorrow will be displayed in your Home Screen. Select all those players whose players have a good understanding of you .

How To Make Team At Dream11 ?

To make your team at dream11 then you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Create Your Team

After selecting Match, click on Create Your Team in Right Side.

How To Play Dream11

Step 2: Select Players

You will now be given a list of Players in which you have to select 11 Players accordingly. It can be from any of the two teams. You can select up to a maximum of 7 players in a team.

Step 3: Select Captain & Vice Captain

After selecting Dream11 Ki Team or Players you have to select Captain and Vice Captain for any two players. Captain and Vice Captain choose very wisely, your Dream Team 11 is ready to save it.

How To Earn Money With Dream11

To earn money from Dream11, you have to join a league in which you will have to join League with the Other Members team and the amount of money given to the team will be given. You can join any league according to your wish that starts from Minimum Rs 10.

How To Win Dream11?

You must have created an account on Dream11 and also joined the league, now you are thinking that Dream11 Me Kaise Jeete, friends, we want to tell you Dream 11 is a game that is perfectly set for your fate.

If you made a player who has made a Captain and made a century, then you will win and if you have selected the players and if they do not play or get out, then you are defeated in it.

How to transfer money from Dream11? 

Friends, if you win with your fortune and skill, the amount received from the win comes to your Dream11 Account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

To receive money from Dream11, first you have to verify your mobile number and Email ID, your number and email address are verified only when you create your Dream 11 account.

But you will need to verify your bank account, for that you have to upload your Pan Card photo and your name and Pan No. Must have to pour.

After entering the PAN card details, you need to put your bank account number, IFSC Code etc. It may take 3-5 days for your account to be verified.

In Dream11, different points are available for Bowling, Batting, Fielding, Strike Rate, Economy Rate, etc. which are mentioned to you further.

Wicket – If one of your players is taken 1 wicket then get 10 points and 4 wickets get 4 points as bonus.

Over – If one of your players is not given the run over, then 4 points get extra.
Run – If one of your players gets 1 run, get 0.5 points.

Boundary Bonus – If any of your players hit the chorus, then you get 4 * 0.5 = 2.5 + 0.5 bonus.

Six Bonus – Similarly, if your player imposes a six, then you get 1 bonus point like 6 * 0.5 = 3 + 1 = 4 points.

Half Century – If your player kills half-century (50 runs) then 4 bonus points get.

Catch – If a player catches the catch then 4 bonuses get.
Dream 11 tips
Before playing games in Dream 11, you must take care of these essential things that are necessary for you.

When choosing a player in Dream 11, definitely check the performance of his previous match.

While choosing a player, please take care of the fact that the player you choose is not in the match.

When selecting Captain and Voice Captain in Dream 11 game, please check them once because they make you the winner of the Dream 11 game.

The number of captains and voice captains to play is definitely to see.

When choosing a team, definitely get the information about Dream 11 Prediction from a website like Playing India from the Internet.

Conclusion:- Friends I hope that you will like our post “How To Play Dream11 (Step By Step)”.  Friends by playing dream11 you can earn in lacks by sitting home. Don’t forgot to share your experience with us by commenting. 

How To Play Dream 11

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