How to make a free blog? For beginners!

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How to make a free blog? For beginners!

Hello friends I am varun sharma and today I going to tell you about how to make a blog for free without invest a single $.

How to make a free blog. For beginners!

Do you want to make money online with blogging but you don't how to make a blog for free or you want to make a blog for free for your testing purpose without spending a single $, so if you want to make a blog then be with us and read this post. Friends you can make a blog for several purpose it may be for earning purpose or for non earning purpose. If you don't know how to make a blog for free then follow these steps.Friends we will make our blog with

1.  You should have a blogger account.

Friends as you all know that we make our blog with blogger so you should have a blogger account. It is too simple to make a blogger account you should have a google account. Then click on sign in.

2.  Sign In to your account.

Step 2 is very simple you have to enter your email address and password and you have to proceed. 

3.  Confirm your profile

To  confirm your profile you have to enter your name and proceed.

4.  Setup your blog.

To setup your blog you have to click on "create new blog".

5. Choose your blog's title and subdomain.

You have to choose your title and you subdomain for eg ""
and you have to click on create blog !

Thats it .

Now you can write your new post and start earning. 


Benifits of blogging.

Friends this is a very important question that comes in the mind of every newbie that question is benifits of blogging.

  • Make Money From Home--> Blogging are often quite profitable if done properly. the highest bloggers within the world clearly earn quite bit, however even a part-time blogger will expect to create a pleasant profit if things ar done properly. the most effective half regarding it's that blogging could be a variety of passive financial gain, since you'll be able to pay simply many hours every week writing a diary post then still create cash from it long when the diary post is written. i am going into far more detail on a way to diary for cash later during this guide.
  • Find a community. Blogging at its heart is interactive. You write a diary post and other people discuss it. this is often an excellent thanks to connect with people that have an interest within the same things as you're. Blogging permits you to show these folks supported your expertise, and it offers you the chance to be told from your readers moreover.

  • Recognition for yourself or your business. No, you most likely won’t have paparazzi following you around as a result of your latest web log post. however a victorious web log will gain you a large amount of recognition in your several field. several bloggers ar referred to as consultants simply because of their blogs, and a few have even gotten book and pic deals supported their blogs.

  • Share your story. A web log permits you to own a voice and be detected. you'll share your story with the complete world if you thus select. one in every of the foremost common ways that blogs square measure used square measure as a diary wherever the blogger writes concerning their daily experiences in order that friends, family, et al will all be a district of their lives.
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