What is Plagiarism ?

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What is Plagiarism ?

Hello everybody today myself Varun Sharma going to tell you about Plagiarism and Plagiarism checker. If you are in the field of blogging then you have heard this word.But do you know the meaning of this word?

What is Plagiarism?

It is a very popular question in field of blogging. There are  27,100 monthly searches on google.This means displaying someone else's work with your name.In other words we can say that to copy others content or work and publish that work with your name. If we see in blogging field Plagiarism is to copy content form others website and publish that content on your website is called as Plagiarism. Plagiarism is very unfare work. In seo we offen say that we should write unique content in our website. All search engines promote unique content not a single search enginge promote copy content. You know that there is no benifite of publishing copy content, because you will be harmed by this.

Now we will talk about Plagiarism Tools.

What is Plagiarism Checking Tools? And Why It Is Important? 
As you might have guessed, such tools which can tell you that your content is orignal or copied, they are called plagiarism checking tools.In todays date there are so many Plagiarism Checking Tools available online and this tell you that from which website you have copiedthe content.

A great Plagiarism Checking tool has the following features:

  • This enables you to enter content in various ways. Such as paste the content into text boxes, or upload text or document files.
  • This gives you results in a few seconds.
  • It likewise reveals to you where your substance is duplicated from where. (This tells you the URL of those websites).
What is the need of Plagiarism Checking tool:-
It is very important to have a  Plagiarism Checking Tool. For eg:- You have hired a content writer for your website. You can check your websites content is that content is copied or unique.You can check the originalty of your content.

Best Plagiarism Checking Tools

  • SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker
It is free and one of the most popular Plagiarism Checking Tool. It is absolutely free of cost.The maximum no of words you can paste in it 1000.You can import documents and can import your documents from your google drive,Dropbox,etc.

  • Copyscape

Copyscape is a free and premium tool. On the off chance that you need to check on the off chance that the substance on that URL is duplicated or not, you can check it for nothing.
But if you have a piece of content or document and you want to check it, you have to pay it.
Copyscape has long been a global standard for plagiarism checking. It is also like using the above mentioned tool.
Just by using the URL you can check the content plagiarism.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is basically a grammar checking tool that offers an inbuilt but powerful plagiarism checking tool. But it only checks English content.
With both the other tools you can check the contents of any language.This is a fully premium tool. In this, when you write a content, you can check the copied content as well as by enabling the option of plagiarism checking.GrammarlyThe above image is only for demonstration purpose. You can use this tool only for English content. You can use both of these tools for the content of any language. They will doubtless work well.This tool will also tell you where the content is copied from and how much is copied, in percent. It will also highlight the copied text.

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