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Google Adsense Approval Trick 2019.

(Google Adsense Approval Trick) Do you want to know Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2019. Then hello everybody I am Varun Sharma and today I am going to tell you some trick to Get Adsense Approval. So first of all we should know what is adsense. It is a ad monetization system started by google. It is a CPC(Cost-Per-Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) based advertise program. New bloggers have a dream that they also get adsense approval, but most of them get frustrated because they not get  approval because they don't know how to get adsense approvalIt is best of all advertising program, because it pays highest of all advertising program.Most of the people start blogging and thinks that they will Get Adsense Account Approved and they will earn money, but it is not so easy to earn with adsense.  Those people not getting approval are not following some rules.When you will know Adsense Approval Trick you will easily get adsense approval. When first time I also try to get approval i also fail. After doing so many mistakes I understand where is my mistake. When you will know Adsense Account Approval Tricks you will Get  Approval in first trial.

Important:- Algorithms For Google Panda Is Focus On Your Copy Content. 

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2019.

Adsense Account is not for all websites or blogs. You have to follow some rules before applying for Adsense approval.

Write High Quality Content 

Content is the king. It means you have to write high quality contnt high, quality content means your content should not be copied, it should be 100% unique. Some of bloggers thought that we will copy our competitor's contnt and rank our post. But I am telling you google will never rank your post if that will copied.You can not hide with google.

You have to write a post of almost 500 words with 100% unique contnt. Then it will increase your possibility of adsense approval up to 99%.

Blog Domain Age

According to google adsense guidelines your website or blog should almost 6 months old. If you try before six months to get approval, your chance will increase to get rejected. But it is not compulsory I also apply for adsense approval for my blog when it was 2 months old and got the approval.(This is a cool Adsense Approval Trick )

Sufficient Content 

It means your blog or website have sufficient cntent or in simple way we can say that posts.Before applying for approval your blog should have almost 20 posts of 500-700 words. If content will more chance of approval will also increase. So you must have to focus on your content. One another thing is you don't have to write illegal contnt such as adult content, abuse cntent, casino , hacking , drugs , etc. You can apply for approval when you will remove this type of content.

Copy Content  

Never use copy contnt in your blog because google don't like copy cntent and if you write copy cntent adsense will surely reject your blog. So try to write unique contnt. You can also check your copy content for many lastests seo free checker tools. For Ex. Small Seo Tools ( It's a better tools for Seo Optimizer & Copy Cntent Checker ) | Seo Review Tools  

Other AD Networks 

There are so many types of ad networks like adsense . Before applying for approval you have to remove ads of other ad networks. If you apply for adsense and your blog is already monetized then your approval will rejected.

User Friendly Design  

Your blog's design should be user friendly, it means your blog should be adjust in every device. Don't use useless widgets. Your website speed should be fast, it's loading time should be fast.

Most Important Pages

You have to add some important pages to your website and blog, that pages are About US in this page you have to tell about your blog, Contact Us in this page you have to give your contact information , privacy & policy in this page you have to tell you blog's privacy and policy. By adding these page your chance for approval. 

Don't Buy Visitors

Google like real visitors, it means visitors come to your site from google or from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can buy visitors but without adsense. If your blog is monetized and you are buying visitors your account will surely ban. If your blog daily traffic of 50 visitors that is sufficient for monetization. You don't need to worry about visitors because google watch site quality not visitors.

Top Level Domain

Top level domain refers to domains with .com,org,.in,info,net,etc extensions these type of domains are known as top level domains for eg ( is a top level domain . Top level domain is not free you have to pay for top level domain. Adsense Account will not approve on sub-domain like is a subdomain, if you are thinking that you will get Adsense Account Approved then forgot about it.

Easy  Adsense Approval Trick 

1.Write High Quality Content 

2.Make Important Pages

3.Don't Buy Visitors

4.Use Top Level Domain

5.Don't Use Other AD Networks

6.Create User Friendly Design

7.Write Sufficient Content

8.Don't Write Copy Content

9.Domain Name Almost 6 Months Old

Before applying for adsense don't forgot to read Terms & Condition of adsense. So friends these are Google Adsense Approval Trick 2019, using these tricks you will Get Your Adsense Account Approved.

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