How to find good keywords for seo?google keyword planner

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How to find good keywords for seo?google keyword planner

Hey everybody I am Varun and today I am going to tell you how to find good keywords.
Do you want to rank your website no.1 on google. But you don't getting good keyword for your website, then read our post we tell you How to find good keywords.  

How To Find Keywords For SEO.

Keyword research is one of the main part of SEO. To success in the field of seo we must choose a good keyword.We can also say that it is the base of SEO.  Some of the tricks which we have discussed in our old post What Is SEO? Full Explanitation that tricks can applied after keyword research. 

What is Keyword research? 

Keyword research  is process in which we have to find a word, phrases, statements that relates to our website. To whom people search in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. After that on the bases of volume and competition we choose the right keywords. It seems very easy to listen. But we have to follow the various steps, and various steps. So let's start to find good keywords. 

Four steps for keyword research.

1. Generate a keyword idea for your website.
2. Find the search volume.
3. Find the competition of your keyword.
4.Choose the right keyword.

So let's cover step 1-- How to find good keyword.

Before generating your keyword ideas understand this, that your keyword ideas depends on you niche (blog's or website's topic).
For eg:--   We have our website 
Now you have to brainstorming to find good keywords for your website

After that we will take  the help of online tools.First of all find that which query people ask on search engine.For Eg -: I deal in shoes.Then my head keyword is "Shoes". For me niche (body keyword) can be men shoes, women shoes , sports shoes , part wear shoes , etc. I will generate my keywords make base of my keywords.I can generate long tail keywords with each body keyword.  

  • Men shoes online.
  • Women shoes online.
  • Party wear shoes online., etc.
1. Head Keywords -

The keywords which are single word. Eg-- Shoes, Book, etc.
There are some characteristics of these head keywords. 

  • Search Volume of these keywords are very high.
If you are thinking to target these keywords then stop!!!! 
  • Competition on these keywords are very high.
It means if your websites authority in not very high like facebook, twitter, amazon, etc. Then don't target these keywords. 

2. Body Keywords

These keywords are generally of 2 words, eg:- spots shoes , School Bag.
There are some characteristics of body keywords.
  • On body keywords there are decent search volume.
  • Competition is of medium level.
3. Tail keywords (Long tail keywords)

How To Find Long Tail Keywords for seo. These keywords are of more than of two words. Eg- women shoes on sale, etc. 

Characteristics of long tail keywords are very interesting:-

  • It's search volume is very low.
  • Mostly people search in long tail. 
  • These are the best converting keywords 
  • To ranking website is so easy. 
Best Keyword Research Tools
  • ubersuggest 
  • Google autocomplete tool
Advice-- If your website is new than you must use combination of body keywords and long tail keywords.

Precaution --Do not target long tail keywords on every page.

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