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How To Increase Website Traffic full guide.

Do you want to know  Increase Website Traffic or do you want to know How To Increase Website Traffic, and make maximum revenue from your adsense or want to increase sales of you website,then you are on the right place. Hello everyone my name is Varun Sharma and today I am going to tell you How To Increase Website Traffic. Friends it is most important thing to Increase Website Traffic,most of the bloggers unsuccessful because they are not able to Increase Website Traffic , but today I am going to tell you How To Increase Website Traffic. Today most of people are making blogs but not all of them are successful bloggers they fail because they don't have traffic they are so many reasons some bloggers don't do keyword targeting, some blog's have very low loading speed,etc, these are some of the reasons that bloggers fail. One of the biggest reasons that bloggers fail that they don't costumize design of there blog, friends your blog's design should be responsive and mobile friendly. Some of the people buy traffic for your information I am telling you that buying traffic is a part of black hat seo so don't buy traffic.

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How To Increase Website Traffic?

If you want to get traffic on your website then first of all you have to make your website mobile friendly and responsive. If your website's design will attractive then visitors attract towards your website.Make a good navigation and a attractive logo of your website.There are seven steps to Increase Website Traffic.

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Steps To Increase Website's Traffic 

1. Use Fast Loading Theme

It is one of the biggest reason for blogger and WordPress users that they don't get traffic. You can check your website's loading time on GTmetrix site.If it showing your website's loading time more than 3-4 second than it means your website loading in 3-4 seconds.If you are a blogger user you can increase loading speed by choosing a seo friendly and light weight template, and if you are a WordPress user then there is a choice of plugins for you there are various type of plugins that increase the speed of your website you can choose anyone.

2. Write Good Posts & Quality Content

It means you have to write unique post and in better way and with good explanation if a visitor likes your post then he will visit again and again to your website. Don't write copy content friends google don't like copy content and if you are thinking that you will copy your competitor's content and rank your website on google then it is your vanity google never rank your content if it is copied google always check the content before ranking it. 

3. Use Share Buttons

In your blog post there must be social share buttons.It benefits you so much if a person likes your post and he shares it then other people are also able to reach to your website and your traffic increases.You should also make your website's pages o social media websites.By making your pages people will like you pages and you can share you can share your post's link to your facebook page and people will get your post and they can reach to your website and your traffic will increase.

4. Use Attractive Post Title

While publishing your post you should make your title attractive so that visitors can click on your posts. Friends if your post title is attractive then people will surely visit on your website.But how we can make our title attractive for eg: we want to write an article on "seo tricks" then we can make it attractive by adding some other words like  "top 6 seo tricks". This method will increase your website's traffic.

5. Use Photos

You should use photos in your website posts it will make your post attractive.You can use photos to explain your post you should keep your post's thumbnail attractive.Never use copied images you can get free and unique photos from , , you can download photos from these websites and use that photos in your website post.If you will use copied images then it can be risky and google can ban your website/blog.

6. Use Keywords

While writing your website post you should use keywords in your post if you don't know how to find good keywords then you can read our post "How to find good keywords for seo?"

By using keywords it is for google to rank your website.

7. Reply for each comment on your blog

If any visitor comment on your blog post then you should reply on that comment and he will get his correct answer this will give a positivity to the visitor and he will visit again and again to your blog or website.

I hope friends you will like our post How To Increase Website Traffic full guide. By using the tips given above you can increase your website's traffic and you visitors will surely increase and your alexa rank will also boost if you don't know how to boost alexa rank then read our this post Also read:- 5 Free Ways To Boost Alexa Rank in 2019.

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