5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging.

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5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging.

Do you want become a blogger and want to make a new blog then you should know some important points so read our this post 5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging. Hlo everyone my name is Varun Sharma and today I am going to tell you 5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging.About 5 years ago I made my first move in Online World and did my first domain Purchase. When you start blogging, it is like learning a mistake, causing a long time to learn again and again. When I started blogging, I was so excited to meet Blogging World that I did not want to make any mistake of mistake. So for the next 6 months of buying Domain, I worked on the content of my website and blog. I read blogs like Daily Copyblogger.Com, Seomoz.Org, so that I can get as much knowledge as possible.

But despite the hard work, when I launched my blog with a great theme and content, the results were not as good as I thought. Then quite a lot of bloggers I discussed about this and I came to know some things that I knew before, their effect would have been different. So let's know what they are.

Take One Topic And Stick To It

In the initial period I wanted to write every topic. I used to think that every information I put on my blog, which I know is knowledge. But I did not understand that if I did not focus on any one topic, nothing would be in the results. I wanted to do everything, so nobody could do anything and soon I started having Focus Lose.

Gradually I understood that if I want to be successful, then I have to be expert in any one subject. Later when I make an identity of my blog, I can try other topics but at the beginning, not at all. So I chose a little Topic and started writing Informational Content for it. And as soon as I did, the results of my blog started getting better.

Invest A Bit In Blogging

I know that when you are in the early stages of your career, it is not often possible to spend money to spend money I also made this mistake. On the Internet, we read many such articles, such as "How did I earn $ 599 in the month before blogging", which reads that we can earn millions without investing in blogging, but friends are wrong, if you blogging If you are thinking of going ahead, you will have to pay some money, such as for domain registration, for theme purchase, for hosting, etc.

Don’t Ignore SEO

Whether your blog is too attractive, how much your content is valuable, if it is not reaching to the readers, then it is not of any use. So friends, first install Yoast SEO Plugin. You will only need a few seconds to install this plugin and this will work all your SEO. Once the Plugin is installed, then see Tutorials on the net and understand how SEO works and how you can create High Quality Backlinks for your blog. This step will benefit you in Long Term.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

The biggest mistake in my blogging journey was to not maintain Professional Social Media Profiles. If you are a Blogger, then Social Media Profiles are a big part of your online identity. Anything this boring or stupid objection can have on your career.

So when I came to know the importance of social media, I started doing social media for my blog. Since I am a travel blog, I take lots of photos on my journey. I started to create Photo Collage with those photos and it was the best Response of the people. Now Pinterest is one of my favorite sites.

Mustard no palm on the palm, there is something similar with blogging too

Yes, there are some people who succeeded overnight, but that is just a coincidence. If you want to be successful, keep working, but keep patience as well. Only then will you succeed

So friends, Blogging is a journey that will not end in one night. You will also make mistakes many times, but if you continue to work hard to learn from your mistakes, then success will not be so far away.

Conclusion:- Hey friends hope you like our post 5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging, friends by following these tricks you can easily achieve success in your blogging career. You will never fail in blogging if you follow these 5 Must Knows Before You Start Blogging.If you like our post then please share our post and don't forgot to share your experiences in blogging with us by commenting, if you have any type of question then please comment freely. 

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